• $40 GHIRP can provide a family with information on their legal rights and options, and a free legal consultation
  • $100 GHIRP can assist a qualified individual obtain work authorization
  • $200 GHIRP can represent a family in their reunification process
  • $400 GHIRP can represent a survivor of domestic violence or human trafficking
  • $500 GHIRP can represent an immigrant fleeing persecution in their asylum claim
  • $1,000 GHIRP can represent an immigrant facing deportation in Immigration Court
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Not having an attorney during an immigration court hearing would be like going unarmed into war without the necessary ammunition to ensure you or your family’s safety. During my hearings before the judge, of which there were three that lasted about 20 hours, Elizabeth was a mentor.  She guided and defended me with great intelligence, wisdom, assurance, and tenacity before every official we encountered in the process.

We were never alone. Elizabeth was always there to help me obtain my political asylum in the USA.

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